Bye (Racist) Beyotch: Univision Host Fired For Michelle Obama ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Comment

Univision host fired for making racist comment against The president’s daughter. Racism has to stop “planet of the apes” That was harsh Rodney you don’t deserve to be in this business



Rodner Figueroa Fired For Michelle Obama Comments

A Univision host was recently fired after he made disgusting comments about The First Lady. Rodner Figuero was quickly axed from the network after he said that Michelle Obama “looks like she is of the cast of “The Planet Of The Apes.”

NBC News reports:

A popular Univision talk show host has been fired for making derogatory comments about Michelle Obama during a popular television show; the comments were widely circulated on social media.

On the Univision show “El Gordo Y la Flaca,” Emmy award-winning host Rodner Figueroa said, “You know Michelle Obama looks like she is of the cast of “The Planet Of The Apes,” pointing to a picture of the First Lady. The exchange took place during a segment on makeup transformations by a makeup artist, Paolo Ballesteros, who makes himself look like famous women celebrities.

Univision fired Figueroa; an executive…

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