Shade Files: T.I. & Shekinah Go At It On Social Media Again – “We Were Never Friends”

TI don’t like Sheikinah according to the article check out the link



T.I. & Shekinah Diss Each Other On Social Media

It’s no secret that ATL rapper T.I. and his wife’s BFF Shekinah Jo don’t really see eye to eye, and they took their dislike for each other to social media yet again earlier this week.

As previously reported the re-ignited beef started when Shekinah posted a screenshot and caption from a recent FaceTime session she’d had with none other than T.I.’s arch nemesis Floyd Mayweather. 

And when fans questioned why Shekinah was friendly with a known “enemy” of her BFF’s husband, she didn’t hesitate to remind them that she and T.I. had never really gotten along:


Of course, this wasn’t all Shekinah had to say….and T.I. soon added in his 2 cents as well.

Hit the flip to see how things played out included responses to fans questioning whether or not Shekinah ever had group sex with Tiny & T.I.

See T.I.’s response…

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