Was It Wiz? Deelishis Reveals Which Rapper Is The Best At Smashing Her To Smithereens

Delishis gives details on sexual life


Wiz deelishis

Deelishis Reveals Which Rapper Is Best In Bed

Deelishis currently has the ladies buzzing after confessing to a steamy smash session with a rapper who’s “excellent” in bed.

As previously reported Deelishis appeared on Kandi’s “Kandi Koated Nights” talk show and denied having any loyalty to Amber Rose after she was spotted spending time with Wiz Khalifa.

Here’s Wiz. He’s a really nice guy. He’s cool. He’s a stoner and they (Wiz and Amber) got together and I thought it was a nice union.

However, when I was approached with going out to the concert or whatever… I’m still a woman and I don’t know her personally, so I don’t have any responsibility or loyalty to… ‘

“Yo, I can’t talk to you because you were once married to Amber Rose.” No, she is one that I respect as an entertainer.

In addition to that, Deelishis was asked to dish on her raunchy…

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