Broke Or Nah? Former Nanny Sues Tamar Braxton And Hubby Vince For $161K In Back Pay

Not paying bills



Former Nanny Sues Tamar Braxton And Vince For Back Pay

Word on the street is muppet faced singer Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Hubert owe a lot of people money in Hollyweird. Blogger Funky Dineva recently unearthed court documents showing that the personality even allegedly owes thousands to a nanny…

Amidst reports of Tamar & Vince having financial problems, Tamar not wanting to pay her support staff, and having unpaid balances all over LA, another claim of unpaid wages surfaces. This time, we have legal documents to prove that all the rumblings in the streets are not just rumors.

A former Nanny of Tamar’s who was hired to work for her during the Love & War tour has retained an attorney to help her fight for her unpaid wages. The former Nanny says that at the time of the interview, she was unaware that the tour would start 3…

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