BREAKING NEWS: Chinx’s Wife Speaks Out On Rapper’s Murder

Chinx wife speaks


Chinx Drugs

Janelli Caceres Says “Devils Ruined My Family”

The anguished wife of Lionel “Chinx Drugs” Perkins pleaded for justice in her man’s death and wondered how she’d go on without him.

“My son is asking for his dad, he wants him to come home, he keeps asking why did God’s angels take his dad and when are they bringin him back,” Janelli Caceres said in a series of Facebook posts Monday. “What do I say to him!! To see this sadness in him is killin…These Devils ruined my family they took a father away from his kids from his son that he loved to death…why??!”

Chinx and pal Antar “Yemen Cheese” Alziadi were driving overnight Saturday on Queens Blvd. in the rapper’s new Porsche when an unknown gunman fired several rounds of gunfire at the vehicle. The Coke Boy was later pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.

Chinx Photo: Instagram

The mother of…

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